Emerge Retreat

Emerge: A Men’s Wellness Weekend

The Emerge Wellness Weekend is a practitioner-led, growth-focused retreat designed for professional men.  The program utilizes Internal Family Systems, an evidence-based therapeutic approach, to help you identify core values, explore imbalances in your overall wellness, do the work of healing area that block personal and professional growth, and develop an ongoing plan to strengthen and lengthen your life.

Psychological blockages include a broad spectrum of issues such as stress, unresolved emotional pain, career misalignment, living in a way that doesn’t align with your values, relationship conflicts, and disconnection from yourself.  This can look like going through life feeling like you’re in a fog, experiencing a sense of constant agitation, or feeling like there is something missing in your life.  During the Emerge Retreat, we will dig in to help you do about 6 months worth of therapy in a single weekend.  You will experience a balance of learning, experiencing, reflecting, and planning.  Join us and let’s do the deep work of connection!